Introducing WorshipSong Band

orshipSong Band is designed to provide an innovative, flexible solution for worship leaders everywhere, especially in smaller churches or for solo worship leaders.  It is a free, easy to use  software application for IPad, Android, Mac, and Windows, and that provides ground-breaking capabilities such as:

- Playback of multi-track music (up to 15 individual tracks can be mixed, pitch/tempo shifted, and looped in any order)

- Integrated chord charts  that can be transposed on the fly with a capo function and automatically follow your playback

- Wireless Network Operation of all control, display, and playback functions, allowing playback control, chord charts, and lyric display to be split across any collection of tablets and Macs/PCs.

- Lyric display to an external monitor/TV, or Airplay, including background image and looping video overlay

- Built-in Pads and unique ambient multi-tracks called Atmospheres.

- Foot pedal control via Bluetooth or wired MIDI (up to 13 pedal/button inputs control features such as faders, looping, song flow, dynamics, and song order)

- Open file format and easy instructions to use WorshipSong Band with any content you want, from any provider without registering with us or going through our web site.  You are in complete control of your song library content and features.




WorshipSong Band introduces several key differentiators that make it a compelling application for worship leaders to adopt for their track accompaniment needs.

- Easy to use. WorshipSong Bands elegant and simple application design make it instantly accessable and usable by anyone, even on-stage.

- Seamless looping and jumping within songs.  You can loop, skip sections, or directly go to verse/chorus all via touch screen or foot control, allowing you full control of your music, and save these arrangements in your set list.

- Integrated ambient pads feature, used to seamlessly link worship sets together and fill out your sound.

- Integrated guide tracks feature provides automatic metronome and vocal cues for songs that do not have prerecorded cues or click.

- Smart pitch/chord transposition feature combines with pitch shifting to allow you to play songs in 12 different pitches and capo the chords if needed.  Chord charts and lyrics follow the flow of the song as you change it, on the master screen and over a wireless network to other copies of the app.

- Tempo control and built in metronome and cue track generator synchronizes with all time-based app features

- Complete songs and integrated chord charts and lyric backgrounds are distributed as a single, zip compressed file, allowing you to share tracks with any user, build your own tracks, use loops or stems from Ableton, and use WorshipSong Band Multitracks in any performance software you want, including Ableton, Reason, GarageBand, etc.  A full 14-track multitrack set as MP3's at a hi-quality 256 mbps size is approximately 80 MB of storage.

- Availability on any platform. WorshipSong Band uses a cross-platform software engine that allows the same application with identical user interface to run on PCs, Macs, IPads, and Android tablets.  Your entire worship team can use WorshipSong Band on whatever devices they have for things like rehearsal, small group leading, etc.

- Wireless Network Operation for all features.

- Multichannel output supporting up to 16 stems/busses

WorshipSong Band’s flexibility and open file format give it access to the largest set of resources anywhere:LibraryMgmt

- You can use simple split or rhythm tracks available for almost any song at a fraction of the cost of full multitracks and augment these with built-in pads and guide tracks for full featured operation.

- You can use only chord charts without tracks at all and take advantage of capoing, external lyrics, foot control of your charts,and automatic guide tracks.

- You can download or purchase stem sets or multitracks from sites such as,,,,, and easily configure them to use in WorshipSong Band without going through our web site to load them into your library.

- You can record your own parts and build up your own sound.

WorshipSong Band is the most complete Multi-Track player available today.  It is free, easy to use, and feature packed.  Get it on the App Store or download installers for your Mac or PC  from




"Your application is much better thought out that the other ones I have tried. I love how the entire song is encapsulated in a single .zip file, along with the "tracks.txt" file for controlling everying. I also like the presets, and that they gradually fade up/down to the new levels. Then of course there's the chords/lyric display... the list goes on and on. Thank you so much your time and dedication to this application and the music. It really is an amazing product :)"
- Frank Genus, Trinity Presbyterian Church, East Brunswick, NJ

 "I've been leading worship with the youth for a year from acoustic because we didn't have a full team.  There was my wife on vocals, a junior high keyboard player and myself on acoustic and vocals.  It was always difficult to get the junior high and high school kids excited about worship, especially fast songs.  When I introduced WorshipSong Band into our worship set, I was no longer limited in the songs I could use.  I can create my own tracks, use tracks from websites like and with ease,without being limited to a particular web site or having to submit my own content to it to use it.  It came at perfect timing too.  We started getting more musicians interested and this is a perfect way for them to not feel all the pressure of making mistakes and getting certain parts right.  I also set my click to the LEFT so we can have a click track in our ear-monitors.  I love this app and it's creators.  They've been a big help and have made leading worship more efficient and easier all around. Thank you."
- Jason Crozier, Worship Leader, New Life Church, Massachusetts

"We use Worshipsong Band every week and it has improved our worship by 100%. Even though we have professional musicians, they arent always available, and worshipsong band fills in perfectly! Being able to adjust the mix of the multitracks for our worship space helps a lot too."
- Jesse Commons, The Freedom Fellowship Church, San Fernando, CA

"WorshipSong Band handles loops, chords, and ambient pads for our worship services, and does exactly what we need it to do.  We control our loops via foot switch, and our musicians each have chords that follow the set and flow on their own tablets.  We are not a huge church and we don't have a huge budget, but WorshipSong Band really helps our team out.  People are blown away when I show them everything WorshipSong Band can do."
- Les Jones, Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor, New Song Family Church, Decatur, AL

"Great app, without comparison.  We use it in Windows7 and Android.  We compared with other Multitrack packages, but they do not compare with WorshipSong Band's features"  
- Alexandre de Andrade Santos, São Pedro Catholic Church - Paróquia São João Batista - BH - MG - Brazil

"We have just recently started using Worshipsong Band this software is amazing it makes us sound 10 times better than we are.  The developers have has been very helpful to me" 
- David, Armagh Methodist Church, Northern Ireland

"I downloaded the beta and a few songs yesterday... and was literally up until almost 1am playing with it. Honestly I didn't think it was going to be this coherent and useful an app. I can already see multiple uses for it, from practice to playing out, to weekends where events keep us from having a full band. I never expected it to have features like scrolling chord charts, instant key change, & capo transpositions. The best thing I've seen so far is the ability to punch in at any point in the song at any time. One of the problems I've had with using loops is that I feel limited to a set arrangement, but this app solves that very nicely."

Mike Mahoney, Gospel Light Community Church, Bridgeport, CT

"WorshipSong Band is the most effective and efficient App for those looking to maximize their worship experience.  It is easy to use and sounds great!
Nichols "Nick" Cody, Legacy Family Life Church, Clovis, NM

"The complete mobile multitrack player.  Free, easy to use, and cross platform are just some of the many perks of WorshipSong Band" 
- Worship Leader Magazine, Oct, 2013


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