Adding a New Song to WorshipSong Band

The diagram below shows how the WorshipSong library is made up of multiple zip files, each containing a complete song's audio tracks and a text file telling WorshipSong how to use them.


If you have a song already prepared for use with WorshipSong Band (such as a song you purchased from our store or Praisecharts), the "tracks.txt" file had already been prepared and included in the song's zip file.  You just need to put it into your library.  See the Library Management section at this link for how to move songs into the library.

If your song is not already in our format, follow these 3 steps in to add it.  If you don't need looping or chord charts, you can skip steps 2 and 3.   This tutorial shows a fast process for accomplishing all steps using the WorshipSong app with built-in editor features on Windows and Mac.

Step 1:

Create the zip file with the song's tracks

1) Put all the song tracks in a single folder. You do not need to pan stereo tracks or the click track,nor do you need toconvert the files to MP3.  The importer automates this work for you.  Make sure only the tracks are in this folder.  Name each file according to the standard naming scheme as follows, leaving the original file extension.  All track names are optional.  If stems are supplied, they will be put into this standard order below.  If other names are used, they will appear before the vocal tracks at the end.

   - Click. If not supplied, WSB's built in metronome will be used.
   - Cue. If not supplied, WSB's automatic cues will be available
   - Drums
   - Perc
   - Bass
   - RG
   - EG (can be multiple,like EG1, EG2, etc)
   - AG
   - LG
   - Keys
   - Piano
   - Synth
   - Strings
   - Pad
   - BGV
   - Vocal


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