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Help us make some Video Tutorials

We are looking for some help with video tutorials from users. As some of you may be aware, our video tutorials are a bit lacking. Its mostly limitations of the development "team" (me). It's somewhat a time limitation, but also a skills limitation.

In any case, if any of the power users (we know you're out there) want to help, here are the topics I think we could some clear, step by step tutorials on

- Network setup
- Presentation menu and video/static backgrounds
- Putting songs into library on IPad/Android (just moving them in or out)
- MIDI setup
- Multi-channel audio setup
- Song import/editing using Worshipsong and the built-in editor
- Using chord-only tracks
- Using single backing tracks
- Anything I missed here

If you plan to do a tutorial, post here, then link it when you are done and we'll get them on the site. Thanks in advance.
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