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Mixer settings not saved


I'm basically "evaluating" WSB with the multi-tracks you've included in the download to see if I can make it run, see if it runs how I need it to, etc. So far, I think it's an unbelievably fabulous app. I wish I'd had this 15 years ago (when I was doing all of it myself with MIDIs).

One thing that doesn't seem to work -- saving of mixer volume levels. I have two saved sets. The help page says that the mixer settings are saved to your set list as soon as you make the change. So I change the mixer volume of one track, then I load the other set list, then re-load the first set list, and see that the volume change was not saved. I also found where the set list seems to be stored (I'm under Windows 10, and found <MySetListName>.OSL in the WorshipSongBand/Library folder. When I make the volume change to the song in WSB mixer, I notice no change to the "last modified" time of the OSL file.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm running WSB 2.9.9

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  • Replied by WSB Support on Thursday, February 23 2017, 06:24 PM · Hide · #1
    There is no concept of a current 'document' with the set lists. Instead, the app always saves its current state. WSB always saves the set list to 'latestsetlist.osl', and that's what loads when you restart the app.

    If you save your current set to another name, it is a snapshot at the time you save it. Changes from that point will always go to the latestsetlist.osl only unless you re-save to the other name again.

    Similarly, if you clear the set, do another set, or whatever, your stored set list is not touched unless you explicitly resave it.

    We could reword the GUI to make it clear you are saving a snapshot, but I think this behavior is generally probably what we want.
    Replied by Marcus W on Thursday, February 23 2017, 07:24 PM · Hide · #2
    Makes perfect sense now. Thanks!
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