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need to upload zip files

I have a chrome book. I downloaded the app from the google play store. How do I upload the zip file i download to my external sd card to the app?
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    Replied by WSB Support on Friday, April 07 2017, 06:38 AM · Hide · #1
    We haven't rolled out any kind of support for Chromebook's running Android. I'm not sure how WSB will work on the Chromebook.

    You will usually need to follow the import process on a Windows or Mac laptop. We don't have the drag and drop import or file editing features enabled on any other platforms. This link shows how you generally import and edit songs.


    If the song already works on Windows/Mac, the standard process on the Android would be to plug the Android into your PC using a USB cable and see the file system in Windows Explorer, then drag library (zip) files into the WorshipSongBand folder created on first run.

    On a Chromebook I think you will need to locate the external storage folder that Worshipsong creates on install. I'm not sure where this would be. I would assume you could use some kind of file manager app to find the file system on there.

    Good luck with it.
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