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No remote control over wired network?


First of all, let me tell you I really really appreciate you making this program available. It's great, I wish I had it 15 years ago. I'm planning to use it in my small church (which has few musicians).

I do wonder one thing -- why does the remote control seem to not work over a wired network? I set up what I'd call a "private" router -- no internet connection, just a wired connection to the master laptop (windows 10), and wireless for remote control from an iPad. I used to be a network engineer, so very familiar with IP addresses, routing protocols, etc. WSB on the Windows 10 "master" laptop never picked up my wired network IP address. I released all IP addresses from the system, then renewed with only the wired connection enabled, and still WSB reported serving on the last Wireless network IP address.

As soon as I switched the laptop to using wireless, it all worked great.

I can work with it, but it's not what I expected to find. Did I do something wrong?
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  • Replied by WSB Support on Tuesday, March 28 2017, 06:30 AM · Hide · #1
    We use an auto discovery mechanism. Its pretty basic, it polls the last number of the IP address listening for a master to respond. I think as long as the IP addresses are all in the same family this discovery should work.

    If not, if you dial in a fixed IP in the clients with the server's IP it should not try to discover it but instead just connect to that IP, so long as the IP address is reachable from the tablet.
  • Replied by Marcus W on Saturday, April 01 2017, 12:02 PM · Hide · #2
    I wasnt using a fixed IP address -- either in the Windows laptop or in the WSB application. Like I said, I released all the IP addresses from the Windows laptop, so when I plugged in the wired ethernet, the only IP address the system had was the one associated with the wired ethernet.

    One thought I had --- if your discovery mechanism is only looking for "wlan*", then it'll never find a wired connection. Seems possible, since your application targets iOS, Android and Windows. "wlan0" is pretty common; "eth0" isn't. It might just be that you need to add "eth0".
  • Replied by WSB Support on Monday, April 03 2017, 07:18 AM · Hide · #3
    Yes, the system can have multiple IP addresses. I do try to select the wireless one if there is a wireless one available, because, as you say, the primary use case is wireless controllers. This may be why you are seeing what you are seeing.

    I think this is down in the ZMQ code, which I tweaked a long tome ago to make it prefer wireless addresses. Maybe, like you said, the side effect is it doesn't do wired as it might need to.
    Replied by Marcus W on Saturday, April 15 2017, 07:43 PM · Hide · #4
    So the reason I'd like this to work with a wired network is because it will prevent Windows from switching wireless networks in the middle of a service. Yes, this happened to me. I lost my remote control, had to reboot WSB and all the tablets. Had to do it during announcements, that's all the time I had. Major ouch. Even after reboot, I didn't have pads, which made for uncomfortable silences between songs.

    I think a wired network would prevent this -- Windows doesn't go searching around for a "better" network when it's wired in. :-)
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