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Swap Split Click Channels

Hi! There's a way to swap split click channels for use with a file with click on right side?

P.S: Thanks for the new version, is awesome! What you think about a multilanguage version? I can help with a portuguese translation.
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    Replied by WSB Support on Monday, May 22 2017, 10:55 AM · Hide · #1
    There is no way to specify to swap the track sides in the tracks.txt but it could be added.

    I am planning to ship an importer upgrade soon that will include sox rather than ffmpeg for file conversion capability. The main reason to do this is to allow the importer to bounce tracks if you want it to without going out to a DAW to do this. Another benefit is that the sox command line can be used for all manner of tasks like this (ie, swap channels in an audio track, etc).

    Re: multi-language version. I have a tool to do string tables for multiple languages as a part of the UI system used in making WSB, but I did not employ it in writing WSB. However, I could go through and make all the strings in the GUI use a string table instead of just having the strings directly in the code, then we could have users populate the string table with content for all the strings in the GUI. We could then cover all the western languages that the chord system supports (Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, French), assuming users stepped forward to create the string table content. It's a longer term project, though.
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