Jimi Yamagishi

Jimi Yamagishi

Jimi sees the world in lyrical terms, & writes songs that are almost conversational in thought, easy & comfortable to listen to.

Born & raised in East Los Angeles, his cross-cultural influences from teriyaki to tortillas gave him a broader perspective & appreciation for the world around him. Forming the “Inspirit” band during the height of the Jesus movement of the 70’s, he shared faith thru music along the California coast.

Under his guidance, JEMS music ministries produced several projects & opened the doors for many Asian American Christian artists.

As the current director of SongNet, Jimi is a songwriter advocate, journalist, motivational speaker & someone who knows the importance of knowing people for who they are, not for what they can do for you. With decades in music on both sides of the glass, he understands what it means to be a songwriter & artist, he knows every song has value & needs to be heard.

He’s also still leading worship at our sister church, Christ Presbyterian in Hollywood, writing & performing original music, and taking the pulpit on occasion to share the journey.


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