Child Of The King

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Writer(s): Mark Snyder
Duration:3 mins 54 secs


On the day you hear the news         
That sears your soul, it sears your soul
Mocks your dreams, and devastates your heart               

And you know there’s just no way
You can be whole, you can’t be whole
That’s the place His healing hope will start

Be not weary, do not fear                  
You are a child of the King
From His overflow and bounty                                       
We draw grace, and life and peace

When you’re looking up that road
That seems so long, it seems so long
And you just can’t find the will to try
When the struggle drains your life
And steals your song, it steals your song
He will be the music and your light 

Before the throne, where angel voices ring
We shall not fear to bring prayers to the King

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