God of All Comfort

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Publisher:Bobby and Kristen Gilles
Duration:3 mins 51 secs



We were afraid, we were alone,
We were estranged, but now we’re Your own;  
You lead the way to others so bound,
The weak and ashamed, the bitter and proud.
Father of mercies, You have rescued us.
God of all comfort, You now work through us.

God of all comfort, You light the dark
You warm the heart by the hearth of Your grace.
You lead the motherless to a mother’s kiss;
You lead the fatherless to a father's embrace.
Lavish on us Your Spiritual gifts
To shelter, to love, to heal and uplift.
You bring the barren to children in need.
You let the poor save us from greed.
Father of mercies, make us merciful.
God of all comfort, Your love's unstoppable.

We praise Your name, we praise Your name
God of all comfort, we praise Your name
We praise Your name, we praise Your name


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