No More Fear

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Publisher:Bobby and Kristen Gilles
Duration:4 mins 36 secs



All my sin died on Your cross,
Satan’s charge against me dropped
O my Savior! You’re mighty to save.
Then You rose up from the grave,
If not death, what else would I be afraid of?
Oh, why be afraid?
In Your Name …

No more fear! No more fear!
Death is naked and ashamed;
Satan flees at the mention of Your name.
No more fear! No more fear!
Every wrong will be made right,  
We may weep tonight,  
But joy is an eternal morning,
No more fear!

I will serve You faithfully,
If my courage fails,
Then, Lord, remind me, Love’s already won.
Tearful partings here below
Only last a moment,
Then we will be home, we’ll all be at home.
In Your Name …

What could hell do? What could death do? 
Your power has no rival! 
What could sin do? What could shame do? 
Your power has no rival! 




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