Follow Me

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Duration:3 mins 40 secs


Follow Me


Verse 1

In those times when we have doubt,  

Feeling let down and counted out,  

We just need to depend on You,

A love so strong, so right, so true.



You are the source of all life.    

Forgiving God You’ve sacrificed,

Abiding love we’re born again,     

Eternal grace without an end.



Love unyielding, God unchanging, We put our faith in these,  

Love sustaining, He’s ever reigning, We bow on bended knee,

You’ve been calling, we’ve been falling, more in love with You …

Always waiting, anticipating standing next to You,

Hearing follow Me. (saying follow Me.....Follow Me)


Verse 2

It may take time for us to grow,

Giving up ourselves and letting go,  

Turning to You for all we need,   

Our living God who plants the seed.


Copyright 2012 Susan J. Calloway Knowles.  All rights reserved. For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of use.

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