(There Is) No Other God

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Publisher:Harchol, Rick, Davis, Holland
Duration:4 mins 42 secs



(There Is) No Other God

Chorus 1
Oh Lord You reign on high
We praise Your Holy name
(Praise above all others)
Above all others

Oh Lord You reign on high
The nations bow before Your throne
(Bow before Your throne)
For You are Lord
(You are Lord)

There is no other God
Like our God
There is no God
Like You oh Lord (2X)

Oh Lord Almighty God
There's power in Your name
(Name for You are mighty)
For You are mighty
Oh Lord Almighty God
Your kingdom is forevermore
(Evermore You are)
You are Lord
(You are Lord)

Jesus we lift You higher
Jesus we lift You higher higher

CCLI Song # 5116142
Holland Davis | Richard M. Harchol
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