You Answer

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Publisher:Bobby and Kristen Gilles
Duration:4 mins 42 secs



Lord we call in our frustration
Hearts break while Satan prowls
All around the nations
For whom he may devour
He knows his days are ending,
And he seeks to slash and burn,
Give us strength here in the waiting
For Your blessed return

You answer, You hear our cry,
Your power is revealed in time;
We call to You in prayer,
We plead and You are there
You answer us, You answer us.

You answer through creation,
You answer through Your Word,
You answer through Your Spirit
And the members of Your Church,

Giving out of their abundance,
Or out of poverty,
As You fashion us together,
Into Your family

God who hears, God who sees
Your people on their knees.
God who heals, God who saves,
You overwhelm the grave!


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