Your Grace

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Writer(s): Bill Walden
Duration:4 mins 12 secs
By grace we are saved, and in the broad grace of God we stand.


Your Grace


Your grace is like an ocean

Your grace is like the sea

Your grace is like a river

That finds its way to me


Your grace has borne my sorrow

And touched my deepest pain

Your grace leads me to tomorrow

And gives me hope again


Your grace, higher than the mountains

Deeper than the ocean

Wider than the sky

Your grace reaches out to find me

Comes along beside me

It's why I can sing

Your grace, your healing grace


I sing becsue you're worthy

I sing because I fail

I sing because I need you

To pour out your grace again


I long to see your beauty

I long to see your face

I'll be there because of mercy

I'll be there because of grace






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