WorshipSong Band represents a great opportunity for multitrack producers and worship artists to go directly to end users of their music - worship leaders at churches of all sizes. Our mission is to provide a crowdsourced platform that enables churches, songwriters, artists, and worship leaders to connect and exchange the resources that are working in their churches, without a 'worship industry' filter. Why go to the extra effort of providing stems in our format? What is in it for you?

  • The Worshipsong Band concept lets you deliver the most complete resources anywhere. Once you deliver your songs in our open format, each worship leader will get audio tracks, chord charts, section markers, and the ability to change key, tempo and mix, all in a single, easily distributed file. 
  • Since our app is free and works on almost any platform, the tracks can be used for practice and rehearsal by the whole team. If you include vocal stems, they can be used to help singers learn the song. Guitarists and keyboardists can use it at home to learn their parts, and get proficient so practice and performance is more effective.
  • The WorshipSong Band platform that makes your resources shine is free and open. You don't need to pay any royalties to use it. If you want to provide your resources for it, merely point interested users to www.worshipsong.com or the IOS or Google app store to get the free software. Sell or give away your resources however you wish, wherever you wish, using any business model you like. If you lack a good web distribution platform, use ours. We welcome resources from churches anywhere, and a single link can get your users to all of the resources you offer, including multitracks. Let us do the work.
  • WorshipSong Band tracks are distributed in an open, human readable format with no proprietary restrictions, similar to the way you would provide tracks for DAW software like Ableton. Since the tracks are merely zip files, anyone can use them in any other DAW software. No more closed platform for multitrack players. The zip files are a single file for ease of use by novices, but more sophisticated users can uncompress them for use in their own favorite software. Your users get the best of both worlds.
  • You can brand your resources within the WorshipSong Band app.
  • If you want to have your tracks available on WorshipSong's store, we can do that for a small percentage of the purchase price.
  • The WorshipSong Band platform will remain open to all comers and all providers. Indies. Children's resources. Hymns. Gospel music. Anyone who wants to use the features of the player can provide resources for it.
  • We have thousands of users around the world. If you wish, you can provide translated variants of your resources, including chord charts in most Western languages.
  • We've made it easy to import and prepare your content in our app, with built-in song editing and smart importers.
  • You don't need full-fledged multitracks. You can prepare basic split tracks or even just chord charts for use with the app.  You can provide a family of resources, from simple loop/accompiniment tracks up through full feautured multitracks, for use in the platform.

Provider Examples Prepared by WorshipSong Staff

Free multitrack from www.hymncharts.com in WorshipSong Band

Original artist stem set from www.multitracks.com being used in WorshipSong Band.

Let Us Help

Drop us a line through the contact methods above if you would like technical help with the process of preparing multitracks for use in WorshipSong Band.  There are resources on this site that also can help take you through the process, including a complete spec for the file format and a video that shows how to useWorshipsong Band itself to do everything necessary.

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