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The most significant monetary investment in using multitracks is the cost of the music itself. In multitrack form, a single album can cost over $100. Here are a few questions to ask when considering how a solution supports good stewardship of music resources for your church or ministry:

  • If I switch to another multitrack playback technology or computing platform, will I lose my music investment?
  • Does the solution require all users of multitracks (playback, rehearsal, training) to use the same type of computer or tablet? To re-purchase the music? To use expensive software?
  • Can I use my own content, or content from different sources without registering, paying money, or uploading my content to my multitrack software provider's web site in order to use it?
  • Can I use low cost content such as split tracks, rhythm tracks, and other loops and still provide a consistent user experience for the worship leader and band?

The Power of Free and Open

In addition to offering a free player for all platforms, WorshipSong Band is based on an open file format to allow our users to steward their music resources effectively. Our app works with any multitrack content you have, as well as pre-prepared content from our store or any other source you can get it from. No uploading or registration is required. You are in complete control of your library content,storage, and distribution within your worship team members. And any content you use with our app can easily be used in any playback application that uses common standard audio files (ie MP3, OGG). Our process is simple.

Obtaining Tracks

We recommend you start with these track sources, all of which are easy to use in WorshipSong Band.


The WorshipSong Store offers a small selection of well known songs and many free independent artist multitracks. All preparation for the app is done. The doiwnloads are zip files ready to drag into your library. These tracks are cost effective and many are free, and there is an available sponsorship program for ministries that need free resources.


Praisecharts offers hundreds of song titles in various categories such as multitracks and rhythm tracks,that provide a solution for all pric epoints, from about $2 a song through about $11 a song. The most popular multitracks have all preparation done and are ready for your library. Others require a small amount of preparation. See Praisecharts for WorshipSong Band for details.  The list of multitracks that are ready to go is maintained here.


Worship Backing Band offers 300+ tracks of well known songs in WAV format, all with vocals and section timings, and available chord charts, See the import process for notes on how to use these tracks in WorshipSong Band. See Example.


Guidetracks offers 100+ tracks, all including chord charts, with many of the latest songs available. These tracks are already configured and ready to drop into your Worshipsong Band Library.


iMusic Lessons Depot has a library of primarily gospel themed tracks with 100+ songs and many background music selections. These tracks are already configured and ready to drop into your Worshipsong Band Library.

These multitrack sources are listed because their content is cost effective, open for use in any application, can be used with very little effort. Other popular sources of multitracks are www.loopcommunity.com and www.multitracks.com, but you may need to do more work, such as bouncing the tracks to fewer stems in a DAW in order to use these. And, of course, the best source we recommend is your own church or team. WorshipSong Band is a great technology to get your music out there, and the WorshipSong platform is a great way to share. Also, don't forget to check our forum, where you can share timing files for any content you wish, enabling others to benefit from your efforts.

Converting Tracks

To use content that is not already prepared, the process is straightforward. See the Adding Songs page on this site for details.

Worship Backing Band Import Process

Worship Backing Band Pro WAV Stems are an excellent resource for use with WorshipSong Band (as well as their own player). Use WorshipSong Band version 2.7 and later on a Windows PC to run an automatic importer as follows:

  • Drag the zip file you downloaded from Worship Backing Band into your library folder. Run WorshipSong Band, and it will perform the import automatically.
  • The original file will be placed in a subfolder, and a new zip file with the converted multitracks will be added to your library.
  • The timing and tempo information is also imported
  • You can purchase chord charts for most of these songs from Worship Backing Band, and use the built-in editor to enter the chord information into your WSB song if desired


Sponsorship Program

WorshipSong offers a free sponsorship program for ministries that want to use our multitrack resources, but are financially constrained. Under this program, all multitrack content from the WorshipSong Band store is free to your ministry. Please email us for details.

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