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This is something we are super excited about giving you another opportunity to make your songs available through worshipsong.  We are launching a WORSHIPSONG BAND APP.  Think of the WORSHIPSONG BAND APP as a multi-track performance track player.  What you would do is create stems of the songs you've recorded, label them and upload them to our Worshipsong Store to be sold and downloaded into the WORSHIPSONG BAND APP.  Because it's totally flexible, you can has as many tracks as you want.  If you're bass player doesn't show up, you can unmute the bass track and you're good.  You can use it to enhance your worship team (like the pros do) or you can use it as your entire backup band while you play along.


What do we need you to do?  Start producing stems for all your songs.  I would suggest producing them in the following format:  Drums, Bass, Keys, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, BGV's.... if you have Strings, Percussion or Horns, mix those on separate tracks.


The playlist feature allows you to create setlists and the chorus, verse buttons allow you to loop live in the moment.  All of this is controlled with the Air Turn 4 pedal bluetooth footswitch.  In order to get your files to work, we will be providing additional information and video tutorials to help you.  The sale price for downloadable songs will be 5.99 per song and the app will be available in iTunes.

WorshipSong Band Version 2.3 Released

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