Ascension Worship

Ascension Worship

Not so much a single churches worship team, or a conference band, Ascension Worship are a movement based in Jacksonville, which has recently put down roots also in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC; Gainesville, FL; Mobile, AL; and most recently, Chicago, IL.  Made up of over 400 worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians, Ascension’s publishing arm culls the original corporate worship highlights from their network, creates an official “Ascension Worship band”, and tracks those stand-out songs for the benefit of the broader church. 

Ascension Worship's City Worship Project is all about allowing broad access to the music being sung in churches around the world. There are songs being written in churches everywhere birthed out of the experiences God is taking us through. These are songs relevant to people everywhere but usually not being heard beyond the walls of the church they're written in. We developed the City Worship Project as a way to change that. We want to see these songs used outside of just one church. We want to see those songs used in churches around the world.

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