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Writer(s): Bill Walden
Publisher:Bill Walden Music
Duration:4 mins 46 secs


Verse 1

      F                  C

So healing, so free

      F                                             C
So different from all that is in me
      Am          Am/G      F          C/E
So powerful          so divine

Dm                                                                        Gsus-G
Grace that makes me Yours and makes You mine


                 F                           Am
Beautiful grace, beautiful grace

Dm                                                       Gsus-
Draws my heart to worship and adore you

G               F                           Am
Beautiful grace, beautiful grace

    Dm                                                        Gsus                    G           
It meets me in my darkest hour, and heals my soul again

Verse 2

      F             C
So holy, so pure

      F                                   C
So patient, willing to endure
      Am     Am/G        F            C/E
Forgiving          undeserved

Dm                                                    Gsus- G
Grace will lead a man to see his worth


Am                                                F
Amazing grace how sweet the sound

I once was lost but now am found

I once was blind but now I see

Beautiful Grace has rescued me


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