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Publisher:Butterworth, Jesse, Brett Williams Publishing, Unaffiliated Catalog (UC)
Duration:3 mins 46 secs


Call Me Beautiful

Verse 1
Lord You know my heart
You know my every thought
Even when I'm far away
On the far side of the sea
Even there You follow me
You can have me take it all
There's no more fear at all
How could I run from such a love

Chorus 1
Love amazing love
Unchanging love
You call me beautiful

Verse 2
Before all time and space
Even then You knew my name
The wonder and the fear
Of how You formed me here
How could I run from such a love

CCLI Song # 4999597
Brett Williams | Jesse Butterworth | Tim Meaney
© 2007 Brett Williams Publishing (Admin. by Brett Williams)
Jesse Butterworth
Wiseman Music
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