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Writer(s): Kevin Click
Duration:5 mins 15 secs


Desperate Heart

||Ebm  | (4x)   | B |  (2x) - (intro)                                                                                                                

Ebm                                               B

Waiting…. Spirit I’m yielded and still

Ebm                                                         B

Longing… for a new wine  a new love   a new will

Ebm                                                     B

Knowing… that no one but You satisfies

       Ebm                                                            B

So I fall down… in the glory and love of Your light


 Abm7         Bbm           CbM7       Abm7         Bbmin         Dbsus

I hear the voice of my Healer…smiling He bids me to come



                      B                                                               Ab7/Eb

(Lord give me a)   Desperate heart    A desperate heart on fire


                                B                                                  Ebm

(Lord give me a)   Broken heart   Broken for your desire

            B                                                         Ab7/Eb

Jesus touch my head    Breath my name    Move in me til’ I’m not the same

               Abm                             Db                             |Ebm| / | B | / | 2x

I need a desperate heart    A desperate heart on fire

Ebm                                                     B

Standing…. Waiting with arms open wide

Ebm                                                         B

Praying… for a fresh wind of God in my life

Ebm                                                     B

Needing…a love for the broken and lost

          Ebm                                                             B

So I’ll rise up… and go where You lead with the cross

Form: Intro, V1, Pre, C 1,V2 , C2 , intro, Pre, C3 intro cords,  then end on Bbm7, C/Ab, Eb  (walk up)

Words and Music Kevin Click

2015 Clicks Songs/ASCAP



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