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Writer(s): Karen Lange
Publisher:Oil and Wine Music Ministries
Bible ref(s):James 4:8
Duration:3 mins 27 secs
A prayer in song from a heart yearning for more intimacy with the Holy Spirit, to be drawn deeper into His love, into the secret place where you can hide with Him.


"Draw Me Deeper" (c) 2014 Karen Lange.  Verse 1: There's a place where I go, where I'm all alone The place where I hide with You. The secrets I tell, are deep in my heart, How I love to share them with You.  Chorus: Draw me deeper, into Your love. Let me hold Your hand as we walk side by side. Draw me closer, closer to You, You will draw closer to me, to me Verse 2: In Your presence is joy That I cannot tell, Your Spirit is speaking with me. And Your mysteries revealed Are changing my heart How I love to spend time with You.   Chorus 2x Ending: I will draw closer to You; You will draw closer to me I will draw closer to You; Closer, closer Closer, closer. You will draw closer to me.  "Draw Me Closer" (c) 2014 Karen Lange


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