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Writer(s): Drew Segawa
Publisher:Nutritious Music
Bible ref(s):Exodus 15
Duration:4 mins
The song Glorious in Holiness is inspired from Exodus 15. It's an original song we wrote that shows what the children of Israel had just gone through coming out of Egypt (the Passover lamb was killed and saved them from death, God's grace had set them free, God's strength carried them through their wilderness wandering, etc.), and it's written from the perspective of a born again Christian. Exodus 15 is special to Christians as well, as it's the very first praise song in the Bible. Just like a Christian's walk with God, in that after He saves us, praise often comes spontaneously as we dwell upon the Person and work of Jesus Christ! Please listen and share!


Because of Your blood You redeemed me
Because of Your grace You set me free
Because of Your strength You carry me ...Oh God...

You are my strength and song. You are my salvation
You are my God and I will praise You
Who is like my King. LORD unto You I sing
Jesus You’re ev'ry thing to me. To me!

Glorious in holiness. Fearful in praises and wonders
Majesty You make a way. You’re my God and I will praise You
In greatness of Your excellence. Who is like You O my LORD
Lead me in Your mercy and I will follow. I will follow You!

Lead me and guide me LORD I pray
Into the place that You have made
Where I will dwell with You and stay always!



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