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Writer(s): Bill Blomquist
Publisher:Blomquistian Music, Ltd.
Bible ref(s):Psalm 18
Duration:5 mins 14 secs
Hebraic, rescue of the Lord, boasting in salvation



Chorus 1

I will sing unto the Lord for He will rescue me

He's my sword my strength my shield

In Him alone I have the victory

He has made a spectacle of Satan's scheme

He has risen from the dead

And so I know that He will rescue me



Verse 1

The cords of sin and death entangled 'round my feet

The rising tides of fear were drowning me

In my distress I cried unto the living God

And from His hill He spoke the Word that set me free



Verse 2

We walk by faith and not by what our eyes can see

Our hope is grounded in the barren cave

We will embrace the race

That has been ordained for us

We will press on until we reach the final day



Verse 3

Sing hallelujah glorify the risen King

Sing hallelujah glorify His Name

Lift up your hands

And praise Him for your deliverance

Lift up your voice proclaim the power of His Name

Lift up your voice proclaim the power of His Name



Verse 4

They who wait on Yahweh shall renew their strength

They will run and not grow faint

They will mount up and soar above on eagle's wings

They will arise in Christ and never be ashamed




CCLI Song No. 5176924

© 2007 Blomquistian Music, Ltd. 

Bill Blomquist

For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of Use.  All rights Reserved. www.ccli.com

CCLI License No. 935538


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