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Publisher:Bridge Building Music, Inc., Brett Williams Publishing
Duration:3 mins 35 secs



Verse 1
The arms of God are open waiting
Everlasting loving saving
Underneath me when I fall
Outstretched every time I call
The arms of God are always near
They hold me high above my fear
This is where I want to stay
My hideaway

Verse 2
When I feel God's arms around me
Healing rest and peace surrounds me
My weakness only brings to light
The arms of God such strength and might
The arms of God will always be
Open waiting here for me
This is where I want to stay
My hideaway

Chorus 1
My hideaway (You are my rest)
My hideaway (You are my home)
Hideaway (Safe in Your arms)

You're my hideaway (My hideaway)

CCLI Song # 4045609
Brett Williams | Nancy Aguilar | Timothy J. Meaney
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