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Publisher:Blevins, JoshuaKessenich, Grayson WSRJ Music
Duration:4 mins 13 secs


Verse 1

When I cannot speak
And my soul grows weak
When my sight is failing me

Verse 2

When the skies turn grey
And my heart gives way
When my hope begins to fade

Chorus 1

I still have the cross I still have the cross
Your goodness and Your mercy
They overwhelm me
I still have Your love and Jesus You're enough
When everything is lost
I still have the cross

Verse 3

When the battle comes
And I hear those drums
When the night is closing in

Verse 4

When my well runs dry
Living waters rise
In You alone I'm satisfied

Misc 1

All my guilt and shame nailed to that tree
Where the price was paid that made me free
Where my pain was healed my fears relieved
Where the Son of God was slain for me
Where His spotless blood crushed the curse of sin
All the power of hell could not win

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