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Publisher:Petri Nauha
Bible ref(s):Ps. 63:3-5
Duration:4 mins 45 secs
"Never Fade Away" is the new worship single by Petri Nauha, a Los Angeles area worship leader and artist. The song is a declaration of God's unfailing and eternal love that fits perfectly in contemporary worship services.


Never Fade Away


A song to sing, a word to hear

In my heart I know Your Spirit's near

A life to give, a prayer to say

I am sure You'll never walk away


For Your love will never, ever fade away

And we never, ever have to be afraid

Should the mountains crumble

Fall into the sea

Your love will carry me


A step to take, a turn to make

You will always lead me through the day

And when a storm keeps raging on

You can still it with a single word




A final breath, the last goodbye

On the other side I see you smile

And all along, your love was strong

I will sing your praise forevermore


Chorus (x2)

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