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Publisher:Salttalk Music. BMI
Duration:3 mins 46 secs


Not By Might

Intro: D  Em7  G  D  C2   G  D


      G         C2                  D

For I’m the apple of your eye

       G         C2                    D

And I’m the temple of your spirit

       G  C2                       D       Bm

And I surrender my own will

         C2                        G                   A

Take all my pride, wipe all my tears away

      D        Em7         G        D

It’s not by might and not by power

      C2      G                    D

But by my spirit says the Lord  (2x)

       G             C2                        D

And you have put your touch on me

       G             C2                    D

And you have set my mind at ease

        G            C2                D      Bm

And you have set my spirit free

         C2                       G                   A

Take all my pride, take all my fears away

© D. Berryhill, K. Prince

Published by Salttalk Music. BMI

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