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Writer(s): Bill Walden
Publisher:Bill Walden Music
Duration:2 mins 53 secs


Oh The Mercy

Bill Walden

Guitar Capo 2


Verse 1

     D                           G

Before the earth was set in motion

Em                     Asus              D

Long before the heaven’s first rain

Bm                            G        

Lord you planned to make me holy

Em                    Asus-A

Take away the stain


D                     G

Oh the mercy that surrounds me

D                   G          Asus

Rising up so rich and free

Bm                  G        D

Perfect mercy for the sinner

Em          Asus-D    (Turnaround) D///  G///  Asus///  A///

Found at Calvary

Verse 2

D                   G

Mercy that is everlasting

Em                   Asus     D

Healing for the sinner’s soul

Bm                 G

In your mercy you remember

       Em                             Asus-A

The blood that makes me whole

Verse 3

D                        G

Tender mercies rise to greet me

Em                  Asus  D

Daily they are ever new

Bm                         G

Mercy comes from you my Jesus

Em                      Asus-A

Full of grace and truth


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