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Publisher:Slack Boy Records
Bible ref(s):Psalm 67:1, Psalm 78:23, Zephaniah 3:17
Duration:3 mins 58 secs


SHINE          107bpm



[INTRO]  C  F  Bb  F (pushes)



C       F       Bb      F

Spirit will you shine?

C       F       Bb  F

Spirit will you shine on us?

C        F       Bb F

Joy will be the floodlight

     C       F       Bb        

that breaks into our sunless sky


[INTRO]  C  F  Bb  F  (2X)




C       F       Bb F

Singing  over   us

C        F       Bb F

God is   singing over us

C        F       Bb F

Songs of love and freedom

C           F      Bb    F

We give the glory to your Son




Bb        C      Dm          F

Lifting up, Lifting up, Lifting up, Jesus

Bb        C          Dm    F                

Lifting up, Lifting up

Bb        C          Dm          F  

Lifting up, Lifting up, Lifting up , Jesus

Bb    C        Eb  Bb

Let the heavens open up


[INTRO]  C  F  Bb  F  (2X) (pushes)



C       F           Bb  F

When our strength is zero

C       F      Bb      F

In your promises we hope

C      F    Bb  F

Oh-oh-oh Overflow

C    F     Bb    F

Oh-oh-oh Overflow





|Am   |Fmaj7  |Bb   |Bb  

Am       Fmaj7 Bb      Am

Choosing to abide…in you

            Fmaj7      Bb    

Is where we find, our lives come to life

                       Am  Fmaj7                    Bb

 come alive,    come alive,     come alive, come alive



[quiet CHORUS]


(CHORUS minus last Bb)




Bb   C   Dm    F  (x3)


end:  Bb C F


M. Stebner/P.Stebner

Copyright © 2016 Bubblegirl Music (ASCAP) © 2016 Slack Boy Records









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