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Writer(s): Hannah Ford
Publisher:Hannah Ford Music
Duration:5 mins 24 secs


Verse 1 I prayed for wind to blow dark clouds over me I was hoping for some thunder, rain, and lightning Just wanted creation to match this pain inside To know you cared about the downpour coming from my eyes Verse 2 I knew that you had heard me when a storm came rolling by I soaked up all the rain, until the sun began to shine And all of my seeds that I buried in the ground Opened up and grew until new life was all around Chorus I’m not alone. I know You’re here. I can feel your hands around my heart I’m not alone. I’m at the start, of a day when you will work all things Together beautiful for me Verse 3 Now I pray you’d hold the dark clouds far away from me And shine upon my soil, in all your majesty But as the storms come closer, let my heart be rooted deep And use the rain to bring about your fruitfulness in me Bridge So let it rain and water me, and come, oh sun, and shine brightly And I will grow with arms raised high. My God I’ll always glorify



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