Brandon Bee

Brandon Bee

Brandon Bee has been playing and producing music since he was an early teenager. He even sold his first car before he could officially drive for recording equipment. Although growing up in a Christian home Brandon didn't take it seriously. He pursued success and the music business. After living and working in Nashville, working out of L.A., Las Vegas, and his downtown studio in Seattle/Tacoma area God grabbed a hold of Brandon's heart. It started out as a simple Worship leading position at a church in Gig Harbor, Wa. ( Quickly, Brandon desired to be more involved in the church and pursued being ordained. Now pastoring is a huge part of Brandon's life. In-between touring and producing he has been a part of 3 other churches in a Pastor role. (, (, and currently at (

Through out the years Brandon has produced almost 300 projects and has played close to 1,000 concerts around the world. God continues to call him into places where very few go to minister. He even started a record label with Microsoft designer Derek Hoiem called, Save the City Records, to help starving indie artists use there gifts for Jesus. They have released many artists that have national recognition such as Jekob, Holly Starr, Circleslide, and Stomptown Revival. He also help start another record Label out of Portland, Or area called, Responding Records. This record label specifically releases worship music for churches.

Brandon and his family moved to Italy to be a part of what God was doing in the newly developing European worship music scene. ( It was a blessed and pivotal time for Brandon's continued development in forming his style of ministry. Brandon's desire is to invoke all tongues and all ages, nations and generations, to worship Jesus. And most importantly Activate creatives to do the work of the ministry. He does this by songwriting, worship leading, teaching God's word, and, especially, with one on one discipleship. Relationship and modeling is key to successful discipleship.

Now Brandon, Leanne and their 7 (8th on the way) kids live in the Tricities area of Washington state. Partnering with a local church is important to Brandon and is blessed to call Calvary Chapel Tricities home. Please pray for continued opportunities to minister in his city and around the world.  

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