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Chuck Butler


Chuck Butler is a seasoned vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and music producer. As a solo artist and part of the bands, Country Faith, Parable and The Chuck Butler Band; he has recorded on, or produced, at least fifteen albums. Having toured in thirty-three different countries, his songs have been both performed and published internationally. Currently utilizing genres that are both joyous and intimate; The Chuck Butler Band offers up “something for everybody” with a repertoire that includes brand new original songs. The group’s styles vary from soft-rock to Celtic-jazz to gospel-soul. Comfortable anywhere from clubs to cathedrals, they are poised to play a variety of venues.

Currently recording and performing with Chuck Butler, is the newest member of the group, violinist, Alicia Previn. Having toured with some of the top bands in Ireland, Alicia contributes the musical DNA of her earthly father, famed composer, pianist & conductor Andre Previn. Alicia’s musical prowess has added a new spark to the band’s growing repertoire and sense of professionalism.

The second longest standing member of the band is Chuck Moore (also known as Chuck 2), on lead guitar. He brings the solid and nimble fingering that he inherited from his father, who was also an avid guitarist. His classy lead work and complimentary rhythms keep inspiring the band to experiment with a diversity of musical styles.

Finally, percussionist Patrick Duffin has been known to look just a bit “too happy“ sitting behind his rather unusual drum kit. Patrick celebrates life with a child-like abandon on the drums. Proficient on a number of other instruments, he has chosen to meet the band’s need for a lively, tasty and percussive foundation.

The Chuck Butler Band performs with a sense of expectancy. Hot off the press, the band’s latest CD for 2006 is fittingly entitled, “On Fire”. Capturing both the high energy and sensitivity of this unique group, the CD is getting great reviews from fans and local publications. With a growing number of local gigs, and the inspiration of their ten-day U.K. tour last summer; this band is more than ready to play at your next event.


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