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Writer(s): Derrick Floyd
Publisher:Beautiful Now Music
Duration:3 mins 52 secs


Agent Of Mercy
I wake up every morning to the same thought
How can I change the world?
Checked the box for job, church, and family 
Still I know there's something more to this
I hear it calling out all around me
I feel it in my soul
That Its time to be the hands and feet 
of the Love that this world needs to know
(It’s time to be)
An Agent of Mercy
A Messenger of Grace
A Soldier for HIS Righteousness
No matter what we face
(We got to ) Stand up for the broken
Be A Voice for the weak
And raise up His Banner of Love
until everyone believes… (let’s GO!)
Now that I wake up knowing... its the same thought
I gotta change the world
No more excuses No time for holding back
This is what I was created for
So many people searching down the wrong road
They need a hope that’s real
So this urgency is my destiny 
Gotta Share HIS love till the whole world hears



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