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Writer(s): Lights Align
Publisher:Madison Line Publishing



Verse 1                                   

I desire now with everything I am to 

Figure out what it means to love you 

Jesus. I become so enamored with the

Promises this world makes to me. 

Lord let me see that you



Hold my life in your hands.                

My every step you have planned. 

Loose every chain that has held us a--

part, I don't wanna care what it takes

To lose myself so I can start finding you 

for who you are 

Lead my wandering heart

Guide this wandering heart

Lead my wandering heart

Guide me to a brand new start


Verse 2       

When I go back to building castles in the sand 

Praising all the work of my own hands   

I become so forgetful of the promise you 

gave, that what I build in your kingdom

The world can't wash away,  because you 

(to Chorus)


B Section

Spirit, lead me

Father, hold me

Spirit, lead me

Jesus, show me, yeah

Spirit, lead me

Father, hold me

Spirit, lead me

Jesus, show me



I’ve opened the door to the room where                        

we’ll meet. There is nothing more that I 

want than to listen at your feet completely 

free, I’m free indeed

To let you lead me 

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