Ian McIntosh

Ian McIntosh


I’m the keyboardist for the international movement Jesus Culture. I’ve also recorded on 50+ albums, including artists from Jesus Culture Music, Bethel Music, as well as my own.

I am a fulltime musician, and have worked in the music industry since 2004 – playing keyboards, as well as programming and a bit of singing/writing/producing. I have played regularly at Bethel Church since 1999, and have been part of the band at Jesus Culture since 2000. I started in youth group, serving as a musician, worship leader, sound engineer, intern and leader. I started writing my own songs, and eventually put out my own record “Awakened” in 2007. Since then, I have developed a full-time job working as a studio musician, recording artist, instructor, and writer. I have co-written many songs sung in corporate worship, including Love Came Down, God I Look To You, Alleluia, and I Want To Know You.

I’ve been a featured instructor at Bethel Music’s WorshipU (School of Worship) – both the local chapter, as well as the online school. In 2011, I started an online training course called Digital Ninjas – it’s purpose being to give a beginning to end solution for anyone wanting to learn everything they need to know about Ableton Live and Reason 6 for modern worship.

In my free time I usually end up reading, writing, as well as playing video games (nerd alert!)

Coffee beverage of choice: Latte with 2 raw sugars. Or, if you’re fancy… a maple latte.

I’ve been happily married to my beautiful wife Jesse for 4 years, and live in Redding CA.



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